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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Data - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Data - Star Trek The Next Generation

Data is a Soong type android who became a full fledged member of Starfleet. Though some would see him as nothing more than an object, Captain Picard once found for his rights as a human - arguing that Data had a self directed future, and a full self-awareness.

Though he could not feel emotions, he emulated them on occasion. He was also fully functioning, having at least two partners over his years on board the USS Enterprise 1701 - D.

Data often strove for humanity, seeking the emotions, and spark that people humans human. And yet, ironically, it was his differences from humans that allowed him to observe with such a keen eye. They also saved the ship numerous times.

Though he had no emotions he seemed to relate to others well, and he formed a number of strong friendships over the years.

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