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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Society 6: A beginners introduction guide

Tips for New Society 6 Users - How to gain Society 6 Followers 

A lot of people have been turning to because it's a great place to host their art.  It takes all the effort out of getting your product on the market.  Of course this also means the profit is minimal.  You take a small percentage of every item sold.  But there are some things you need to know first:

[And if you're afraid of this being too long, just scroll to the bottom for the TL;DR (too long; didn't read) which gives you a good quick summary.]

How do I get my items in the Society Store?
There's no 100% correct answer to this, but it seems to be when your piece gains a certain number of promotes (the number beside the heart) it will be added.  This number is generally between 10 and 20.

How will I know if my items were added to the store?
You will get an e-mail letting you know which piece has been added.  You will then start building up an "artist's gallery."  This is different than your main page.  This gallery features all the pieces that have been accepted into the store.

Why is it important to be in the store?
That is a great question - and one that most newcomers to the site have trouble with.  If your items aren't in the society store people can't search for them.  The only way to sell your piece is to link to it from your own website.  This may be fine for some people, but there's a whole market out there waiting to see your work.

Try searching for your pieces.  Try searching for your user name.  You'll see that the results come up blank if you haven't had anything added yet.  Being added to the store is the most important part of

How do I get the necessary Promotes?
This is where Society6 truly is a society.  You need to connect with other users.  Comment on their art pieces, and reply to the comments they leave you.  Get to know each others art.  You can then "Follow" them by clicking on the follow icon in the top left.

Whenever you post something your followers will see it in their "My Society" page, and if they like it they will promote it.  Start building up those contacts and you're on your way to a great Society6 shop.

How do I find people to follow, or who will follow me?
There are two ways.  The first way is to click on the "Discover" button.  That will take you here:

These are all pieces that have had a number of promotes, most likely in a specific time frame.  These are normally established users.  You can comment on them, and people will get to know you.  Remember, it's not just the artist who will see your comments - you can build connections with other commentors too (provided they check back in.)

Comments are visible in the My Society page until too many new images push the older ones out.

You said there was a second way to find people to follow, and get followed back?
I did!  The second way is to view the new art.  That can be found at 

Every single new piece, regardless of how many promotes (normally 0 as it's new), is shown here.  It's a great way to see new art you may have otherwise missed.  It's also a great way to meet up with new members who are looking to start forming their own society, just like you are.

Hopefully together you can follow, and promote, each others work.

What do I do next?
Don't let your account dwindle.  You need to keep active - keep promoting other people's art.  And they'll keep promoting yours.  If you click on the number beside the Promotes and heart icon you can see who promoted you.  And they can see who promoted them.  Remember - this isn't a store where you put your work up and walk away.  This is a society.

Do you have any more tips about following people?
Sure I do!  There are a few things you can take a look at.  Scroll down to the bottom of someone's page (or your own!) See those numbers:


Promoted tells you how many pieces they have promoted.  Followers tells you how many people are following them, and following tells you how many people are following them.

Ideally you want to follow people who are following more, or equal, numbers of people as are following them.  The really big accounts have thousands of followers, and they're not following many people.  Because of this, you may get lost in the shuffle.

Now - if you like their art, follow away, and comment.  If they ever post about you because they like your work too that could send a lot of new people to you.  Also, you don't just want to follow because people will follow you.  You want to be an active community member.

Why is the Promoted number important?
This is important if you want people who will likely promote your work.  If they're following 500 people but have only promoted 30 times, then they may follow you back, but if you're looking for those promotion clicks, they may not be the person to help you there.  Again - don't just follow because what someone can do for you.  That's just rude.

What else should I know?
If you want to follow back people who are following you, click on "Followers" on your page.  There will be a green check mark beside the icon of everyone that is following you, if you are following them.  You can click to their page and follow them, if you'd like.

What else?
See that number in pink?  12, 13, 14?  That tells you what year they joined.  If someone joined in 2013, and only promoted 23 pieces, they're probably not an active member.  They're still great to follow - because if you like their art you'll want to know when new pieces are released!

Can you sum it all up for me?  [The previously mentioned TL;DR]
Sure.  Everyone needs a TL;DR:
  1. Check out the new posts
  2. Comment on, and follow artists you like
  3. Promote their work [you should promote 5 - 10 items for each new account you follow]
  4. They may follow you back and promote your work
  5. Promotions are important so people can search for your art
  6. Keep active, logging in every few days to see what's up
  7. Finally - don't post all your work at once!
Wait!  Don't post all my work at once?!
No.  resist the urge.  Remember you need those promotes for each item.  If you post 20 pieces at once people won't promote each item,  and you'll flood their feed.  Post one or two pieces a day when you have followers.  And post during prime hours (8am, lunch time, 6pm) the times when internet usage is at its peak.  Remember timezones are a thing - but when you check your My Society page you'll see when your users are active most.

That's all for now.

Is there anything I should do right now?
Well, there's nothing you have to do - but if you would like you could give me a follow: I'll be sure to follow you back.  It's a great way to start growing your connections.  I'll be sure to promote your work.

And, if you'd really like to, you could help me by promoting these specific pieces:
Star Trek The Next Geneartion - Picard
Star Trek The Next Generation - Beverly Crusher 
Star Trek The Next Geneartion - Cast
Star Trek Deep Space Nine -Far Beyond the Stars
Star Trek The Next Generation - All Good Things

Thanks a lot!  Hope to see you out there.

Happy Society6ing!

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