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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wesley Crusher - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Wesley Crusher - Star Trek The Next Generation

Wesley Crusher is the son of Doctor Beverly Crusher, and though his mother was friends with Captain Jean Luc Picard, Wesley did not enjoy that same friendship. Picard often found him annoying, and a bother.

Wesley has a photographic memory and is capable of great problem solving. On a half dozen occasions he managed to save the USS Enterprise 1701 - D from destruction, or capture.

Though he would fail his first entrance exam to Starfleet, he eventually made it. He was also promoted to Ensign by Picard.

While at Starfleet Academy he met with friends, one of which was definitely NOT Tom Paris, who got him into some trouble. But, remembering his morals and ethic saw him rise above the situation.

Though it looked like Starfleet would be his destiny, Wesley eventually became a "traveller." Travellers are a powerful race that can move amongst the stars in the ways unreachable by most humans.

His future certainly was bright, and infinite.

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