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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Worf - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Worf - Star Trek The Next Generation

 Though Worf was born from two Klingon parents, he was raised on Earth - by humans. Both of Worf's parents were killed during the Khitomer massacre when the Romulans attacked without mercy.

Worf was raised by his surrogate, Russian, parents and found himself clinging to the Klingon culture he no longer had direct connections to. Because of this he grew to be a man of great honor, strength, and wisdom.

From a young age Worf trained to be a warrior. These skills were put to the test as security officer on board the USS Enterprise 1701 - D.

Worf was a man of great compassion, and strength. He was a true warrior poet, very much at home on the battlefield.

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