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Monday, August 4, 2014

B'Elanna Torres - Star Trek: Voyager

B'Elanna Torres Star Trek Voyager Klingon

B'Elanna Torres served on board the USS Voyager under the commander of Captain Katherine Janeway. However she did not start out that way.

Torres was originally on board the Maquis vessel the Val Jean under the command of Captain Chakotay. They were renegades fighting against the Cardassians and as such were viewed as enemies of the Federation, potentially ruining the peace.

Torres was a half human half klingon with a knack for engineering. Once stranded in the Delta quadrant she became chief of engineering on Voyager, however she was never a proper part of Starfleet as evidenced by her ranking pips. Rather than the smooth round circles of the federation, she wore the provisional rank insignia given to her by Katherine Janeway on the long mission to return to Earth.

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