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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Captain Jonathan Archer - Star Trek: Enterprise

Captain Jonathan Archer was the captain of Starfleet's very first warp 5 engine. For its time it was the crowing achievement of human ingenuity. Though he was chosen to be diplomat to the stars, Archer also suffers from a very racist bias against Vulcans. He believes that the Vulcans held back human achievement (although what that's based on is never mentioned - because the Vulcans never prevented people from doing anything, they only made suggestions - and if humans listened to those suggestions, well that was on them.)

Archer is a fan of water polo, and loves his dog more than most people in his life. Porthos was taken through the galaxy as Archer started one war after the next, however he always managed to set things right again.

There was also something about space Nazis and a temporal cold war, but everyone else seemed to forget it, so why not Archer too?

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