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Friday, August 8, 2014

Captian Katherine Janeway - Star Trek: Voyager

Captain Katherine Janeway was in command of the USS Voyager when it was sent hurtling through space all the way to the Delta quadrant. She was a commander who was so by the book that when faced with an opportunity to save her crew in the first hour of distress, or leave them stranded she chose to leave them stranded. What would have been a one day mission for Kirk, or Picard, or a one hour mission for Sisko, turned into seven years.

She was forced to adopt the Maquis she was chasing as part of her own crew - but she never quite accepted them, leaving them with provisional pips and ranks even once they got in touch with Starfleet.

Janeway was a woman of varied emotions. One day you might find her chastising a crew member for doing the wrong thing, other times you might find her doing that same thing and chastising her crew for questioning her.

Though she worked to help in genocide, that seemed to be the right of passage for ever Starfleet captain starting with Archer.

She was given a tough mission - but, strangely, couldn't understand other captains who had the same mission. She knew sacrifices must be made, but they could only be made the Janeway way.

A meeting with her was a role of the dice. She could be your best ally or your worst nightmare. And it's best to never question her, because she has a hair trigger, an empty stomach, a full arsenal, way to many shuttle craft, and a broken holodeck looking to thrown space Nazis at you. Another hallmark of any Starfleet captain.

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