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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chakotay - Star Trek Voyager

Chakotay - Star Trek Voyager

Chakotay led a group of Maquis - a paramilitary organization, or a group of terrorists depending on your perspective. They would strike out against the Cardassians, working to free Federation planets from the grips of those aggressive aliens.

However, the Federation saw the actions of the Maquis as potentially destabilizing to the attempts at peace. They hunted down the Maquis, no matter the cost. Captain Janeway on the USS Voyager was sent to track down Chakotay, following him into the Badlands, and being caught up in the energy wave then sent both of them hurtling towards the Delta Quadrant.

Once there, the two crews were forced to join up, and Chakotay was made first office of the USS Voyager much to the shock and surprise of just about everyone. However, it would prove to be a good choice over the next few years as Voyager slowly made the return trip to Earth.

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