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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Doctor - Star Trek: Voyager

The Doctor EMH - Star Trek Voyager

The Doctor, in Star Trek Voyager, was an emergency medical hologram. When the only doctor on board the Federation Starship USS Voyager was killed in the initial force that sent the ship hurtling tens of thousands of light years away from home to the Delta Quadrant the EMH was turned on.

For years Voyager had no other medical team, nor - it would seem - any crew willing to learn medicine, despite the long stretches of time they had with nothing else to do.

Because of this the Doctor's program grew in size, and he was able to become more than his programming. The Emergency Medical Hologram was soon seen as a person and friend of the crew, even though he was no more real than the fantasies they engaged with in the holodeck.

Luckily after travelling back in time to meet Sarah Silverman, the Doctor was able to grab a McGuffin that, when placed on his arm, would allow him to walk around and exist like anyone else, no longer limited to areas where holo emitters were present.

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