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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tom Paris - Star Trek: Voyager

Tom Paris was pulled straight out of prison and assigned to USS Voyager. He was known as the best pilot in Starfleet. He had a flair for recklessness, which would be needed if Captain Katherine Janeway was going to catch the Maquis in the badlands. This mission was Tom's second chance. He could redeem himself and prove he was still an asset to Starfleet.

The son of an Admiral Tom had some big shoes to fill. Baring a striking resemblance to another disgraced pilot, Nick Lacarno, Tom knew that the only way to overcome the mistakes of the past where to make grate strides in the future.

However, one wonders how many times Tom wishes he had to said no to Katherine Janeway, and continued to enjoy life in prison. What should have been a simple mission turned into a trek last years across the galaxy after the USS Voyager was hurtled into the Delta Quadrant, stranding them far away from home, and the lives they once knew.

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