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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Travis Mayweather - Star Trek: Enterprise

Travis Mayweather grew up in space, a fact which he is more than willing to shaer with anyone who has a moment to hear it.

Travis was born on the cargo ship Horizon, as it was making a run from one planet to the next, but that was not a life he wanted forever - and who could blame him? As it turns out his family could blame him. They were not pleased he went from hauling freight to being one of the most important pilots in all of Starfleet, nor did they seem pleased the impact he was having on history - but that's family for you. Hard to please.

Travis was known as a boomer, and because he was born in space that somehow made him able to fly just about every type of ship known to humanity. It also gave him quirks like resting in the ship's "sweet spot" which is where gravity reverses. It's not a place of weightlessness, just reversed gravity. Which means Travis enjoyed sitting on the floor - but the opposite floor from the perspective of those watching him.

Without his expert piloting the Enterprise would have been lost on more than one occasion - so his quirks were always overlooked and forgiven. Turns out he's a real trooper.

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